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Dear Sirs and Madams,


“Gnom” Translation Agency offers translations from and into many languages. We translate from and into languages which are commonly used in Europe, that is, German, English, French or Russian, as well as from and into Danish, Swedish and Italian. However, when you need to have your text translated from/into Czech or Dutch, we will also do our best so as not to disappoint you.


We provide a wide range of services such as: sworn translations, translations without sworn translator’s confirmation stamp, technical translations, business and commercial translations, translations of personal correspondence.


We specialise in the translation of documents, however we also organise interpreters who interpret at conferences, business meetings, as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpreters.


We do not want to claim that our services are the cheapest ones on the market, however, we have no doubt that the translations we make are always done well.


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